About Us

Some words about us

We, Aaditya Solutions and Services, as a company aim to bring the best technology under the same roof. It is our constant endeavour to develop and nurture the most potent and yet highly under-utilized resource – business resource.

We identify the necessity and develop potential market further through constant R&D and resource availability. Thus Aaditya Solutions and Services creates some of the most reliable, efficient solutions and effective services. We are rated among the best companies offering the best IT services to our clients on a constant basis.

Aaditya Solutions and Services was founded by two technocrats – Mr. Abhijit Patil and Mr. Pritam Kadam, in the month of February, 2011, is one of the fastest growing companies in arena. It primarily deals with business in Website Design & Development, Featured HOSTING, Intranet Web based applications, e-commerce, Software and Hardware Maintenance, Data Mining, Research and Analytics, Inbound and Outbound Sales and Internet marketing through Business Directory Listings. We are among the leading business development consultants. Aaditya Solutions and Services is the flagship company with a marking presence, along with recognition of being among the best recognised companies.

We started operations as partnership firm under the leadership of Mr. Abhijit Patil and Mr. Pritam Kadam, with the brand name of Aaditya Solutions and Services. Since then our journey as a leading business expert has seen an upward curve. Aaditya Solutions and Services Operates out of its state of the art development centre located in one of the best Industrial Parks of Western India

 Our Operating Philosophy

One of the major reasons behind the success of Aaditya Solutions and Services would be the cost advantage offered through secured client relationships. Right from the point of our inception, we have believed that relationships come before profits. Thus, we have an abundance of repeat corporate clients who have benefitted from our support. Aaditya Solutions and Services operates with a simple principle of adding value to our clients business through dedicated support services.

What Our Clients Get From Us?

Aaditya Solutions and Services offers business process management solutions through dedicated IT consulting services. Today, we are witnessing a rapid transformation in the world of Industrial and Commercial businesses, with IT taking over major aspects of business vertical management. Aaditya Solutions and Services thoroughly analyses your business model and does provide consulting services on that basis.

Our products and services are completely fine tuned to the needs of your business. This approach has helped us in achieving a markable presence. Today, we have a large corporate clientele which relies on our support services. Aaditya Solutions and Services have successfully delivered quality services to its clients, which has resulted in the maximization of profit margins.

Aaditya Solutions and Services outsourcing partners look for an excellent cost advantage along with world class services. We manage both through world class delivery centers equipped with modern technological platforms and operated by the most skilled professionals.

We’re passionate advocates of web standards that bridge design, marketing strategy and usability to achieve measurable results.

Are you a fit? We are looking for clients who have a value for the web and recognize it as a key tool in their marketing arsenal. Increasing your Online Return on Investment is the highest priority.


  • Goal driven online marketing since its inception
  • Two offices: International hub in San Francisco and we own our office building in the suburbs of Sacramento, California
  • A proven workflow that focuses on meeting the needs of the user using an Agile User Centred Design methodology
  • A world-class, multidisciplinary team of online marketing strategists, analytics experts and creative minds
  • Primary goal is to create raving fans of all our clients by providing measurable results
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